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Spice Up Your Sex Game With Sheik Habibu Madsex spell

1. Obtain a tapered RED candle. The wax needs to be red throughout, rather than white, coated by a red shell.

2. Write the name of the person you want to influence on the candle, lengthwise. If you know the person’s date of birth, write that on there as well. You can use a black marker to write on the candle, or you can use a needle to scratch the name and numbers into the wax.

love with energy

You LITERALLY can make your romantic target feel such strong emotional attraction to you that they become obsessed.

3. You will also need to obtain some object belonging to the person. Although a lock of hair or a paper with their handwriting on it works the best, any item that the person considers to be “theirs” will do. I once was able to successfully perform this ritual using a pen that the person owned.


This is just a very simple example of the Godlike Power that you have inside of yourself, and how you can use it to make substantial changes in your life.

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