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Your Ex Back Love Spells

Your Ex Back Love Spells


This is not for one this is the very common issue for many of the girls. This is the right time to think clever, you must get your ex back but at the same time, you must not harm him anyway. At this condition practicing love, spell is a great solution for your problem.

If you are thinking how to practice the love spells to make him come back to me, you can get full process and procedure to practice it. Practicing love spells will be the great decision if you take it on the right time.

If you are thinking how to do the amazing love spells to make him come back to me here is the complete procedure to do it.

Lemon Love Spell

This love spell is specially designed to bring your ex back to you. Practicing this love spell is very easy and you can do it just with the items available at your house.First, you need a fresh lemon, a little piece of paper and lengthy red yarn or a ribbon.

Your Ex Back Love Spells

First, write your name and your ex’s name on the piece of paper. Now slice the lemon into half evenly. Fold the paper so that your names are touched and sandwich the paper in between the lemon pieces.

Now tie the red ribbon around the lemon let the ribbon hold the lemon tightly. While doing all this procedure you just visualize that you are getting your ex back and how happy it would make you.

Finally, put the lemon into the freezer and tuck it back so that it is not visible to anyone. This ritual can bring back your ex within a month. You will definitely thank this love spells to bring my ex back in my life

Found coin spell

To practice this love spell all you need is lengthy red ribbon or yarn, a small paper envelope, a coin which is found outside and a pinch of rosemary dry or fresh one.First, you must write your ex’s name on the envelope and then rub the rosemary well on the coin. With the coin and rosemary on your hand say the name of your ex four times.

Your Ex Back Love Spells

When you say the name of your ex then turn your face in four directions north, south, east, and west. You can use the compass to find the directions but don’t do it aimlessly.

Now put the coin inside the envelope and seal it well and roll it into a tube, give a kiss and finally tie the red yarn or ribbon around it. Now place the roll secretly then take the rosemary used by you and toss it into the breeze while you wish hard for your ex to return back soon to you.

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